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Career At The Company

Career opportunities are only limited by your ability, motivation and imagination - we simply believe in hiring the best people and providing them with the best tools.

We provide the best Trainings in Bulgaria to our new employees.

Great course where you could gain a lot of knowledge in order to become a professional. We firmly believe that investing in our employees, skills and education is the core basis of the company.

Offer the best conditions and benefits to our employees is our core value.

Our Employees Referral program is a popular incentive, given the fact that 20 percent of our new hires are recommended by their friends and peers.

Training Course

If you are looking for an extensive carrier in a very friendly and top professional environment in the marketing industry, we will make sure to book for you spot under the light. Your struggle and endeavor are important to our mutual success and drive us to perfection.

Joining CGL MS EU you will get the opportunity to work in a stable and developed company.

If you are looking for a company where your opinion will be valued and more than appreciated, then your place is with us.

If your direction is success and your mind set is on the winner side, then CGL MS EU is your job destination.

All the trainings are based on the global standards. Every training can be modified depending on the needs, specific criteria and category. Providing ongoing attention to training and development affects your business’s ability to remain competitive. The best way to beat your competitors may be through ensuring your employees expertise in performing the day-to-day necessities.

If you would like to work for an expanding international company where talent and dedication are rewarded with opportunities for a professional growth, you are welcome to apply to the open positions below: