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European Trade Center
Office building 2
7 Iskarsko shose Boulevard

About us

CGL MS EU is an European leading marketing service company, providing high quality services to a wide range of international clients.

We are proud to be able to combine in an extraordinary environment the rigor and responsibility, together with the passion, fun and excitement of our young team.

As a company, we’re ambitious, entrepreneurial and success-driven. We believe that our approach enacts an important role and our success is incited by professionalism, enthusiasm, natural curiosity, clear purpose, appreciative colleagues and sense of fun.

CGL MS EU is an established company with long term of experience.

We are proud of our satisfied employees who have more than 10 years of professional experience in the market.



We combine Passion, Creativity and Expertise

Unlocking and revealing the potential of emerging markets
We possess the power to transform your business and put your brand on the map
We are bringing the marketing into new highs
We understand your business and specialize in finding solutions and innovative ideas in order to achieve the best results for our clients
We always find a way to achieve the goals



More than 10 years of  experience in the marketing field

We have one of the biggest  Call Centers in Bulgaria

Professional and creative employees



CGL MS EU is a part of a large international company and we are a leading business factor in Bulgaria and all around the World.

Our goal is to maintain a strong and effective relationship with our employees and our clients and to move forward to a better future.

We deliver first class and innovative solutions that support the business development of our clients and increase the personal self-esteem of our employees.